Getting started guide

Guides to get you up and running on our key products.

Shopify App

Transform your Shopify store into an event ticket selling machine.

Event Setup

Configure, customize, and design the features you need for a successful event.

  • Create an event
    One off event, recurring classes, multi-day tours or conferences, you can do it all.
  • Apple wallet tickets
    Design your own Apple wallet tickets for iOS customers.
  • Using barcode pools
    Upload a list of barcode numbers to use when tickets are created.
  • Check in actions
    Create a work flow upon check in, collect signature, take photo, and more.
  • Check in tallies
    Create flexible counters (tallies) to use for check in.
  • Collecting custom fields
    How to use custom forms, questions, etc.
  • Event pages
    Online ticketing, RSVPs, calendars, order forms, and more.
  • Product pickups
    Allocate and track anything to your guests to be picked up or redeemed upon check in.
  • Scheduled emails
    Set up reminder and thank you emails to be sent for you.
  • Ticket email
    The ticket email is sent to your guest when you click the 'Email' button in the attendee list
  • PDF tickets
    Use your tickets as an opportunity to showcase your brand.

Event Operations

Keep things running smoothly until event-day.

Check In App

Execute a flawless event on-site with our check in and ticket scanning app.

Adding Guests

All the ways to build your guest list in Guest Manager.

  • Import spreadsheets
    How to format a CSV spreadsheet for importing tickets and guests.
  • Public RSVPs
    Add a simple form to your event page, to collect online RSVPs to your event.


Get more done, faster.

Ticketing & Registration

Sell tickets online with our registration platform.

  • Create an order
    Create orders in the backend. Book guests into your event, for either free and/or paid tickets.
  • Turn off sales
    How to disable new registrations or purchases for an event.
  • Promotions and promo codes
    Learn how to create discounts for your tickets.
  • Issuing refunds and exchanges
    Refunds are occasionally a fact of life. Let's cover full and partial refunds, and exchanges.
  • Reserved orders
    When a buyer begins checkout, the tickets in their cart are reserved until payment is made. Learn how to view and free up these tickets.
  • Sales report
    Export a summary of tickets sold.


Managing your account and data.

  • Events
    Events are the cornerstone to Guest Manager
  • Permanent lists
    Permanent lists allow you to track guests across many events. A permanent list can be a staff member or promoter for your event as well.