Self service and managed solutions.

Standalone product

Create, send, and scan tickets

Upload your own tickets by CSV or create them online. Optionally create PDF and Apple Wallet designs, and email them to guests. Scan tickets using our laser scanners or built-in camera on the iOS device.

Also see scanner rentals

Self service


/ scan

Purchase credit packages. Discounts available.

Managed solution

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800+ guest event

Discuss your project with us to ensure success. →

Honeywell Captuvo SL62 SL22 guest manager rental

Rent ticket scanners

Each rental includes an iOS device and Honeywell laser scanner, in either the handheld (iPod Touch) or tablet (iPad Mini) form factor.

Learn more about scanning tickets here.

Minimum of 2 scanners per rental

Shipping not included.

Renting in multiples of four will receive a free charge dock per four scanners.

Interested in purchasing scanners?  The Honeywell Captuvo SLEDs retail for between $550-$850 each, plus the cost of an iOS device ($250-$400)



Overnight delivery to arrive on event day. Return following day.


3 days


Receive scanners two days in advance of your event.



Keep the scanners for a week for increased flexibility.

Need a longer rental?  Contact us for a discounted quote.

Do I pay for shipping days?

No. When the scanners are in transit, you do not pay for the rental.

Can I provide my own iPad or iPods?

Yes, but it is very important you prepare your devices sufficiently to prevent last minute issues.

Do I need a barcode scanner and an iPod or iPad?

Yes. We rent them separately, as some clients want to provide their own Apple hardware.

What countries do you ship to?


Standalone product

Guestlist and check in

Check in guests in realtime with as many iPads as you'd like. Also more advanced features for data tracking, staff referrals, walkups, and more.

Credit packages

Credits never expire. It costs 1 credit to check a guest in. No charge for uploading guests.


100 credits


300 credits


800 credits


2,000 credits


4,500 credits


10,000 credits

50 free credits included for all new accounts

Pay by credit card

  • A guest is checked in or a ticket is scanned
  • A ticket is emailed to a guest
  • A guest is added using SMS text message
  • Invitation sent
  • An RSVP
  • A guest answering a survey or question form
  • A guest is uploaded
  • An event is created



/ month

A basic event check in solution for small events.

  • 4 events per month
  • 100 guests per event
  • Recurring events



/ month

Perfect for nightclubs and venues.

  • 8 events per month
  • 350 guests per event
  • Recurring events



/ month

Create unlimited events. Contact us if you need more than 800 guests per event.

  • Unlimited events
  • 800 guests per event
  • Recurring events

Larger event? Use the pay as you go model, or contact us for options.

7 day free trial for all new accounts

Pay by credit card

Full event platform

Sell tickets online

Sell tickets online and get paid directly to your bank account with Stripe, PayPal, Quickbooks, Beanstream, and Braintree Payments.

Full event platform included

Self service


per ticket sold

No minimums or hidden fees. Pass on the fee to guests, or pay it yourself.

Managed solution

Contact us

per ticket sold

For large events and festivals, discuss your project with us.

Compare at: Eventbrite $1.99 + 2.5%


API, custom solutions, and integrations

Annual and per event contracts are available. Discuss your project with us and a trained professional will propose you the perfect solution.

Contact sales →

  • Why custom?
  • Guaranteed success
  • Dedicated help and training
  • Time sensitive
  • Save time
  • Mission critical event
  • Complete control and flexibility
  • Enterprise features
  • Pay by check or bank transfer
  • No limit on usage or users
  • Improved email deliverability with DKIM/SPF
  • Custom integration or development
  • No transactional fees
  • Onsite services available
  • Independent merchant account or payment gateway

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. We do not lock you into any financial agreements. Simply export your data, call it quits, and move on.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, all of our pricing plans offer a completely free way to get started. Free trials last for either 7 days, or 50 checkin credits, whichever is used first.

When should I use the managed solution?

You don't have the time or desire to learn the inner-workings of the software. You just need to job done now, and done professionally by those who use and work with it everyday. You have complex requirements that warrant professional advice on the optimal setup and configuration. You have unique internal processes beyond basic check, such as tracking additional guest data and metrics.

Do you offer support?

Yes! Contact us anytime using the live chat window at the bottom right of your screen.

Can I change my plan?

Anytime. If at any time you want to move from Pay As You Go to a Monthly Subscription, no problem. There are no penalties.

How are credits used?

When a guest is checked in (either manually or by scanning a ticket), per email delivery (tickets, email campaign), adding a guest by SMS. There is no charge for uploading guests by CSV, excel, or directly through the software.

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