Guest Manager


Effective date: Apr 15, 2020


All the terms that you agree to when you sign up for a Guest Manager product.


The privacy of your data — and it is your data, not ours! — is a big deal to us. Here’s the rundown of what we collect and why, when we access your information, and your rights.


Keeping customer data safe and secure is a huge responsibility and a top priority for us. Here’s how we make it happen.

Renting equipment

By renting equipment from us, you hold us accountable to delivering the equipment on time, in working condition, and agree to compensate for lost, damaged, or stolen equipment. This contract outlines payment terms, replacement costs, and shipping.


Everything you need to know about canceling your Guest Manager product account.


Bad refund policies are infuriating. We never want our customers to feel that way, so our refund policy is simple: If you’re ever unhappy with our products for any reason, we’ll take care of you.

Use restrictions

It is not okay to use Guest Manager products for these restricted purposes.

Our commitment

Unlike most other companies that make web software, we’re dedicated to supporting our products forever.

Adapted from the Basecamp open-source policies / CC BY 4.0
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