Honeywell Captuvo SL62 SL22 guest manager rental

Rent ticket scanners

Each rental includes an iOS device and Honeywell laser scanner, in either the handheld (iPod Touch) or tablet (iPad Mini) form factor.

Learn more about scanning tickets here.

Minimum of 2 scanners per rental

Shipping not included.

Renting in multiples of four will receive a free charge dock per four scanners.

Interested in purchasing scanners?  The Honeywell Captuvo SLEDs retail for between $550-$850 each, plus the cost of an iOS device ($250-$400)



Overnight delivery to arrive on event day. Return following day.


3 days


Receive scanners two days in advance of your event.



Keep the scanners for a week for increased flexibility.

Need a longer rental?  Contact us for a discounted quote.

Do I pay for shipping days?

No. When the scanners are in transit, you do not pay for the rental.

Can I provide my own iPad or iPods?

Yes, but it is very important you prepare your devices sufficiently to prevent last minute issues.

Do I need a barcode scanner and an iPod or iPad?

Yes. We rent them separately, as some clients want to provide their own Apple hardware.

What countries do you ship to?


guest manager ticket scanner rental box

What's in the box

Scanners are packed in foam for secure transport and easy handling.

Captuvo SL62 iPad Mini charge dock

iPad Mini charge dock

Charge docks fit 4 scanners.

Captuvo SL22 iPod Touch charge dock

iPod Touch charge dock

Charge docks fit 4 scanners.

Ticket scanner features

Longer battery life

With an external battery, Honeywell scanners enable you to scan all day without needing to charge. In contrast, the camera based scanner will the drain the battery in about an hour.

Instant scans

The laser reader scans barcodes instantly, whereas the camera-based scanner can take up to a second to refocus. Barcodes a validated against a local database on the device, so there is no round trip to the internet.

Tablet or handheld

iPads give you more screen real estate to easily switch between scanning tickets and looking up guests by name.

Reads from phone screens

Ever been to an event where they required tickets to be printed out? Not the case with our scanners.

Self contained

The iOS device slides into the scanner, fully encasing the unit together for reliable and durable performance.

Professional look

Manufactured by Honeywell, these laser scanners are extremely durable and fully encase the iOS device. Honeywell captuvo website

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