Rent Ticket Scanners

Rentals include all necessary hardware to scan your tickets.

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Laser Ticket Scanner


3 day minimum. $25/day from day 4.


  • iOS Device (iPad or iPod)
  • Honeywell Captuvo laser scanner
  • Charging cable
Charge Dock

3 day minimum.
$5/day from day 4.

  • Charges 4 devices simultaneously
  • Fits iPod or iPad scanners

Minimum two scanners per rental. Volume discounts available.  Contact us for a quote.

Choose a ticket scanner

Each scanner includes an iOS device and Honeywell laser scanner, in either the handheld (iPod Touch) or tablet (iPad Mini) form factor. The Honeywell attachment is like a case, and it fully encloses the iOS device.

Rent Honeywell Captuvo SL22 iPod laser ticket barcode scanners

Handheld ticket scanner

iPod Touch 6th Generation
Honeywell Captuvo SL22

The handheld form factor is ideal for festivals or large events where checking in by name is not a big factor. Some corporate event clients prefer the larger screen size of the tablet for checking in guests by name who forget to bring their scannable ticket.

Rent Honeywell Captuvo SL62 iPad laser barcode ticket scanners

Tablet ticket scanner

iPad Mini 2
Honeywell Captuvo SL62

Clients love our tablet scanners due to the increased screen size for easily switching between check-in by name, and ticket scanning.

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Shipped from Sunny San Diego, CA

Captuvo SL22 iPod Touch charge dock

iPod Touch charge dock

Charge docks fit 4 scanners.

Captuvo SL62 iPad Mini charge dock

iPad Mini charge dock

Charge docks fit 4 scanners.


Shipping is not included. We can invoice you for shipping charges, or bill them to your FedEx account. We do not charge rental days while the devices are in transit.

What countries do you ship to?

Scanner rentals are only available to businesses located in the United States.

How soon can you ship?

We recommend to confirm your rental at least two weeks in advance to confirm availability. For rush rentals, we can ship same day for requests before noon Pacific time.

Shipping method and returns?

We ship via FedEx. For non-rush orders on the west coast, we ship via Ground. For everywhere else, we ship FedEx Express. A return label will be included in the shipment for convenience.

Interested in purchasing scanners?

The Honeywell Captuvo SLEDs retail for between $550-$850 each, plus the cost of an iOS device ($250-$400). Please note that Honeywell makes the Captuvo in three different configurations: Barcode scanner only, magnetic stripe reader only, and both.

Name badge printers and 4G Hotspots

Contact us for rental options.

What else do I need?

You need internet. While our devices are fully offline-capable, in order to sync scans between scanners, you will need WiFi. We recommend using 4G hotspots (8 or so scanners per hotspot). It's also a good idea to have a power outlet nearby (and required if using name badge printers).

Do you support Android?

Some clients are sensitive to not using Apple devices. We understand, but the Honeywell Captuvo is not compatible with Android. When the iOS device is encased in the Honeywell unit, it is very hard to tell that it is an iOS device.

Is there training documentation?

Yes, please refer to our help guide: Receiving your ticket scanners

Do you offer onsite support?

Yes. Please contact us for a quote. We also offer on-call day of event phone support.

I have more questions.

The best way to get a hold of us is through our live chat at the bottom right of the screen. Or, send us an email to

Ticket scanner features

Longer battery life

With an external battery, Honeywell scanners enable you to scan all day without needing to charge. In contrast, the camera based scanner will the drain the battery in about an hour.

Instant scans

The laser reader scans barcodes instantly, whereas the camera-based scanner can take up to a second to refocus. Barcodes a validated against a local database on the device, so there is no round trip to the internet.

Tablet or handheld

iPads give you more screen real estate to easily switch between scanning tickets and looking up guests by name.

Reads from phone screens

Ever been to an event where they required tickets to be printed out? Not the case with our scanners.

Self contained

The iOS device slides into the scanner, fully encasing the unit together for reliable and durable performance.

Professional look

Manufactured by Honeywell, these laser scanners are extremely durable and fully encase the iOS device. Honeywell captuvo website

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