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way to check in your guests

Put away your printed spreadsheets. Delete your slow, outdated, and unreliable check in app. Try our affordable, easy to use check in solution today.

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1,000's of companies big and small rely on Guest Manager Check In
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Guest Manager Check In is the fastest and most reliable way to check guests in to your event.

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1x 4,500 ($480)

With 322 credits leftover for your next event!

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Excellent support

We understand how important a successful event is. We stand behind our software 100% with extremely fast and helpful support.

Easy to use

It's incredibly easy to sign up and do everything yourself in minutes. We believe in making open software with no barriers to entry.

Guest Manager Check In

Guest Manager Check In saves you time, eliminates stress, and helps you check in all of your guests in 75% less time.

Instant search and check in

Find and check in guests 75% faster

Flexible, efficient searching by any field.

Unlimited devices

Realtime sync, and works offline.

Flaky internet? No problem. We've got you covered.

How it works

From spreadsheet to iPad check in — in minutes

An intuitive, easy to use app - your check in staff will love it.



Turn your spreadsheets into an always up-to-date guest list.


Add Ons

Text to guest list, name badge printing, arrival alerts, and more.


Check In

Grab as many iPads and phones as you can find, and enjoy fast check-in.



Export a list of attendees, with additional rich data, like notes, tags and more.

The service that comes with this software is first-rate. Jeff and the Guest Manager team are always available to answer questions.
Emilie VanderLaan testimonial for guest manager

Emilie VanderLaan

Onsite Operations Event Manager QuintEvents

Web and mobile app
works together

One place to organize, manage, and track all of your event attendees.

event ticketing and check in app software platform
event ticketing and check in app software platform
I love Guest Manager - It’s stable, quick and very user friendly. Importing guests takes seconds.
Cady Zhang testimonial for guest manager

Cady Zhang

Senior Web Developer Renovating For Profit
Import Guest list managemennt

Flexible import options

Add guests from many different sources and have them compiled into a single, always up to date guest list, synced across unlimited devices.

Unlimited custom fields

Any guest data, such as Title, Company, or Table.

Powerful list segmentation

Tags, lists, parties, contacts, and types allow you to categorize guests.

Check In On site event check in

Check in your guests in record time

Incredibly easy to use, intuitive, and fast event check in app. Takes seconds to learn how to use.

Speed is paramount. You won't find a faster event check in app than Guest Manager - for 100, or 100,000 guests.

Quickly add contacts from your database (or add a new one) and register them for the event, along with any custom fields you've set up. Auto check in!

Organize your guests by party. Add and edit names, and check in each guest individually for accurate tracking.

Quick and easy contact editing on the spot. Change name, email, custom fields, and anything else.

Your list - make it look how you want! We understand that not all fields might be relevant to you, so you can easily turn off fields you don't care about.

Tallies are a great, quick way to record head counts without needing to add each person individually.

Snap a photo of your guest!

Record notes for guests as you check them in, for later reporting and export.

Step up your event check in game with QR code scanning! Learn more about QR code check in.

Instant check-in

With our offline database, all of your guests are stored on the device itself, allowing for instant search and check-in.

Multi-device realtime sync

All check ins are synced across every device in realtime, ensuring an accurate list everywhere, no matter which iPad.

Works offline

Flaky internet? No problem! Every check-in is stored on the device until it has a chance to sync online.


Prove your ROI with analytics and reporting

event check in report
event check in app report

Swipe to check-in, or tap a profile, view all of their details, and hit the Check in button!

event attendance tracking

Swipe to check-in, or tap a profile, view all of their details, and hit the Check in button!

QR Code, Ticketed Check In

Take event check in to the next level

QR code check in is the fastest check in solution we have. Embed a simple barcode in an email, or design and distribute your own beautiful PDF and Apple wallet tickets.

Scan barcodes using the camera on any phone, or rent high speed laser scanners from us.

QR Code Check In
qr code event check in

Reviews from the App Store

Apple App store

Great simple check in app. [..] all I needed to do was import a guest list and check them in. It was super fast with realtime name searching and synced across all of our devices.

Awesome Application!

I contacted Guest Manager about needing a solution to check in 2,500 guests. I wanted to scan guests in, instead of checking them in by name. I was able to work with them to import all my guests, design my own tickets, email them to everyone, and finally they rented me 12 laser ticket scanners to use. We scanned all 2,500 guests in just under an hour with no lines. A+ for the great support and easy solution.

Highly recommend

Worked really well for my event, I created an account online, imported my guests and emailed everyone a scannable ticket that I designed, all through the software. Then I used the app to scan everyone in. Highly recommend!

More great features

Check in guests offline

Never lose a check in again with our offline mode.

Unlimited custom fields

Title, Company, Table number, whatever you need. Searchable, and always visible.

Unlimited devices

Use as many iPads, computers, and phones as you need to check in guests.

Realtime sync

With realtime cloud sync, what happens on one device, happens everywhere, in realtime.

Powerful guestlist segmentation

Segment and group your guests by list (e.g. Sponsor, Staff A), type (VIP, General, etc), tags, and more.

Add walkups in seconds

Quickly and easily register and add new guests at the door with as little as a first name.

Guest party tracking

Group multiple related guests into a single profile for easy tracking.

Check out guests

Easily check guests out, tracking when they left, and when they arrive again.

Accurate and realtime reporting

Pull up a quick count of how many guests are checked in, from any computer or check in app.

The old way

Pen and paper

Manual check in processes are stressful, inaccurate, and cost you time.

  • Slow and stressful

    Flipping through sheets and sheets of paper is no fun, especially for your guests waiting in line.

  • Inaccurate

    How many guests are currently checked in? Who actually attended? Who knows.

The unreliable way

Other apps

Don't give up the power of spreadsheets just to lose all your data by using an app with limited features.

  • Inflexible

    Lack of custom field support and additional guest tracking.

  • Poor support and unreliable

    Events are realtime. Getting an answer a day late is as bad as never receiving a reply.

Our way (the right way)

Realtime guest list

A list that is always up to date, and synced across all of your devices.

  • Scalable, fast check in

    Lookup, and check in a guest in seconds. Say good bye to alphabetized A-F, G-K registration desks.

  • Flexible and customizable

    Search by name, email, or any custom field with results as you type.

  • Bulletproof and reliable

    No internet? No problem. All check ins are saved and will sync when possible.

  • Documentation, fantastic support

    With thorough documentation, live chat, and phone support - sleep safe knowing that check in will Just Work.

  • Personalize the guest experience

    On demand name badge printing, SMS arrival alerts, take photos, notes, and more.