Your data, where ever it is

Flexible and robust data importing allows you to combine all of your attendee data into a single platform.

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CSV & Excel

Quick and simple spreadsheet imports

Ah, spreadsheets - the language of every event organizer. Get your event up and running quickly with our data import options. Combine all of your attendees into a single platform.

  • Import existing barcodes

  • Notes, custom fields, tags, segmentation

  • Duplicate detection

  • Large imports of 50,000+ supported

Your barcoding or identification system

Bring your existing student cards, employee badges, member ID, or any other existing identification system to us.


Do anything with an open API

API endpoints for creating a complete shopping and ticket booking experience within your own website, and ticket scanning and validation.

  • Custom shopping cart and checkout

  • Ticket validation engine


Shopify App

Sell tickets online with your Shopify Store

All in one solution for selling event tickets on your Shopify store with our embedded app. Event Ticketing on the Shopify App Store

App Integrations

Integrate the apps that you use

Sync attendee lists, check-ins and more with popular CRM platforms.

I love Guest Manager - It’s stable, quick and very user friendly. Importing guests takes seconds.
Cady Zhang testimonial for guest manager

Cady Zhang

Senior Web Developer Renovating For Profit

More great features

Duplicate elimination

Identify contacts by name, email, phone number, and or Unique ID of your own so you can track all of a contacts' activity across all of your events.

Contact activity

View recent events, tickets, guest lists, orders, bookings, and more, from one place.

Export database

Easily export all of your data to CSV.

Query database

Build advanced queries, such as "contacts who had a VIP ticket to XYZ event, and were checked in."

Email logs

Monitor exact copies of all communication with a contact, both automated and manual. Resend, or view the email.