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Our most popular event management solutions

We’re always thrilled to see the many different ways that clients use Guest Manager. We serve all kinds of markets, including corporate events, festivals, conferences, concerts, trade shows, cooking classes, and more. While Guest Manager is a complete end-to-end tool for managing your event attendees (selling tickets online, registrations, e-commerce, payment processing, guest list management, event check in, and ticket scanning and validation), many of our clients choose us because of our flexibility. Clients can pick and choose what aspects of their event they wish to use Guest Manager for.

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Introducing barcode pools

Barcode pool management is a powerful tool for advanced users to retain full control over how barcode numbers are issued to tickets within the system.

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Catching up

We’ve been so busy over the years working with great clients, that we’ve never had the time to blog! Many clients have expressed interest in seeing what we are working on, how to use new features, and get the most out of using Guest Manager, so, starting now, you are going to see lots of new updates here and on our help documentation website.

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