Shopify app updates

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

Hard at work making polishes to the Shopify App!

Shopify inventory is now the default

When creating new events, inventory management is now set to Shopify. This is more reliable and a better solution all around. For anyone with events already created, I recommend switching inventory for those products and variants, too.

Some notes about this:

  • The fulfillment service is now ‘manual’ instead of ‘Event Ticketing’
  • Please still use the Event Ticketing app to set inventory. While it’s now possible to use Shopify to set the inventory, unfortunately this does not sync back to the app (hoping Shopify will improve their web hook soon to make this possible)
  • This brings supports for multi-locations. When you create an event with the location set to one of your Shopify account locations, inventory will be stored there.
  • Using the ‘Event Ticketing’ fulfillment service was a nice idea in theory, but there’s really no benefit in doing this for digital products. It added more confusion than it was worth, for example creating an ‘Event Ticketing’ location in your Shopify account.
  • Eventually the app will no longer set up the fulfillment service and location at all.

Set your own billing limit

Many merchants were frustrated by constantly having to increase the billing limit when they created new events. No more! You can now increase the limit to whatever you’d like.

Custom ticket design now includes a QR code

The Custom Template (for PDF) now includes a QR code on it. QR codes are easier for the camera to scan than the 1D barcode.

Minor fixes and improvements

Squashed a few minor bugs!