A few polishes

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

Shopify app updates, new iOS Check In App version 2.2, and some minor fixes.

Shopify Multi-day events

When setting up a multi-day event, you now have the option to split it into multiple products, by ticket type, similar to how the “one-off” event option works.

The checkbox is clickable if you have at least two different ticket types used in the Tickets section.


Check In App Version 2.2

Guest Manager Check In for iOS received a small update, fixing the last known (minor) bugs!

Update your app from the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/guest-manager-check-in/id1460267612

Minor fixes, changes

  • Error message displayed if attempting to create events/tickets that result in more than 100 variants created for a single product (Shopify restriction)
  • Added ability to hide/show fields on Apple Wallet just like PDF (event name, ticket type, date, attendee, etc)
  • PDF design setting to show end time in addition to start date/time

What’s coming soon?

  • Using Shopify inventory as the default
  • Recurring/repeating events (e.g. daily 9-5pm at 1 hour intervals)