Our most popular event management solutions

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

We’re always thrilled to see the many different ways that clients use Guest Manager. We serve all kinds of markets, including corporate events, festivals, conferences, concerts, trade shows, cooking classes, and more. While Guest Manager is a complete end-to-end tool for managing your event attendees (selling tickets online, registrations, e-commerce, payment processing, guest list management, event check in, and ticket scanning and validation), many of our clients choose us because of our flexibility. Clients can pick and choose what aspects of their event they wish to use Guest Manager for.

For example, our most popular solution is event check in and ticket scanning. All clients have to do is import their list of event attendees, and then use our check in app to check guests in by name or scan their ticket.

Basic event check in app

Looking to speed up your event check in process with a simple realtime search event check in app? Great! Upload your guest list, download our iOS check in app, and you are ready to check in thousands of guests with ease. Some key features:

  • Import guests via excel, spreadsheet
  • Update-as-you-type search results
  • Check in guests offline (no internet connection required)
  • Notes, unlimited custom fields
  • Guest list segmentation
  • Customizable checkin types for tracking any kind of data such as guys, girls, discounted entry, etc
  • Quickly tally walkup guests
  • Add guests onsite and via SMS text message
  • Event reports and summaries with export to CSV
  • And much more

Ticket scanning and validation

Tickets don’t have to be sold or issued through Guest Manager in order for you to scan them. Many of our clients have their own registration system - whether that’s another online ticketing company, or their own in-house process - and simply wish to use Guest Manager as an event entry management solution - i.e., issue tickets to guests, and scan them in.

Some key features include:

  • Upload tickets from an excel or spreadsheet file
  • Use your own ticket barcode numbers or have them auto-generated for you
  • Email tickets to guests as a PDF and/or Apple Wallet attachment
  • Customize the ticket PDF with your own branding
  • Flexible email campaigns with ticket attachments
  • Scan tickets offline and instantly
  • Unlimited ticket scanner devices
  • Laser scanner attachments available for rent
  • Unlimited and customizable ticket types (GA, VIP, etc)
  • Detailed audit logs tracking every scan
  • Simple to use ticket scanners (point and shoot)
  • Tested and proven for large scale events
  • Attendee exports including time checked in, notes, and more
  • Member / Student / Badge ID capable (a scannable guest barcode can contain many tickets)
  • Simple pay as you go pricing

Renting laser ticket scanners

Larger events require fast ticket scanning. We offer ticket scanner rentals for an all-in-one solution.

  • Instant scans
  • Optimal battery life
  • Industry leading manufacturer (Honeywell)
  • Scans from phone screens
  • Professional solution
  • Recommended for events of 500 or more guests

Scanning tickets with your phone camera

Using your own iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod) you can scan tickets yourself with no hardware needed. The app has a built-in camera based ticket scanner.

  • Easy to use
  • Uses more battery power
  • Suitable for events up to 300-500 guests

Sell tickets online

For an end-to-end event ticketing solution, you can offer both free and paid online tickets and registrations. Collect money direct to your bank account with our payment gateway integrations - including Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.NET, Quickbooks Payments, and more.

That’s not all

Visit our website to learn more about the wide range of features and tools to make managing your event easier than ever.