Import and create tickets

Upload guests via CSV, external ticketing provider, or API. Have the software generate barcodes for you, or import your own numbers.

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import csv and scan tickets

Email tickets to your guests

Design and create beautiful PDF and Apple Wallet tickets. Or, integrate your own custom printed ticket. We can work with your printer company to ensure valid, scannable barcodes are inserted onto every ticket.

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design your own pdf and apple wallet tickets

Rent ticket scanners

Shipped to your door overnight, our laser scanners plug into an iPad or iPod, enabling our iOS App to scan tickets instantly and professionally.

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Honeywell Captuvo SL62 SL22 guest manager rental

Scan and validate tickets

An iPad Mini, or iPod Touch equipped with a Honeywell Captuvo barcode scanner and our on site check in app will ensure your guests are admitted with speed and professionalism.

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Honeywell Captuvo SL62 SL22 guest manager rental

How do I get started?

Set everything up yourself, or contact us for further questions and to receive a quote.

do it yourself solution
Small events

Do it yourself

Study our sample templates and set everything up yourself.

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  • Simple pay as you go pricing
  • Consumes your time
  • Have to learn the software
  • Limited support
request a quote
larger events

Request a quote

You already have a lot on your plate. Time is money, and you can't afford anything to go wrong. Hire one of our dedicated experts to manage the entire process end-to-end for you. We will listen to your needs, propose, and implement the ideal solution, tailored for your event.

Request a quote

Send us an email to

  • Guaranteed success
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Day of event on call support
  • Scanner operation training
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