New Event Ticketing App for Shopify!

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

Sell event tickets with Shopify

Shopify is a fantastic e-commerce platform, with marketing tools and brand customizability that far exceeds the capabilities of any online ticketing platform (including ours!). Now, with Event Ticketing for Shopify, you can turn your Shopify ecommerce store into a fully featured online ticketing platform. I think this will be the future for the online ticketing industry. Ticketing companies out there have out-dated technology, expensive service fees, hold your money until after the event, and own/control your customer data! With Shopify + Event Ticketing you can now take control of your online ticketing, getting paid automatically on a daily basis for sales, access to the latest most advanced ecommerce platform, and have endless tools, themes, and options for customizing your online brand identity.

How the app works

  • Integrates with the Guest Manager attendee management and check in apps (iOS, Mac)
  • Sell tickets via your shopify store, and include “Download tickets” links in the Shopify order confirmation email, SMS text message, and online checkout page.
  • Use the same great check in app we’ve been building for years to check in and scan tickets