Multi-use passes for Shopify

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

When setting up Multi-date events, you now have a new option to create Passes in addition to Tickets. Whereas Tickets are added as a purchasable option for each date that you add, passes are a separate product that can be used to grant access to multiple dates within an event. For example, this is useful for season passes, annual passes, single use pass (valid on any one date), etc.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 11.17.42 AM

Other changes

  • If a single variant is to be created, it now makes it appear as a simple product, as opposed to a ‘product with 1 variant’
  • Fixed bug where changing a one-off event name would not update the product title in Shopify
  • The Guest Manager backend now has a new, more user friendly date picker, especially when picking times
  • Fixed issue when attempting to empty a very large trash bin
  • Fixed issue where tickets had the purchasers name pre-filled into it, allowing purchaser to download ticket without providing the actual attendee’s name