Shopify app updates

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

We’ve made some improvements around creating and editing events.

Collection no longer created

Creating a collection in Shopify for the event never seemed to be the right thing to do from the start, so this has been removed altogether. All events created from now on will not have a custom collection created in your Shopify admin.

One-time events now create a single product

Previously, if you created an event with multiple ticket types, a product would be created for each ticket type. In most cases, customers wanted a single product created regardless of the number of ticket types, so this is now the default. To achieve the previous behavior (creating a product for each ticket type), there is a checkbox in the Shopify preview section when creating the event.

In addition, products are no longer published by default. This gives you a chance to add a product description, images, etc, before making the event live on your storefront or POS.

  • Click the “View product in Shopify” link in the event to edit the product and publish it to your storefront sales channel

Other minor changes

  • The compare at variant price will be automatically reset if you save the ticket with a price higher than the previous compare at price.

Update to the Order Status Page script

Previously the Order Status script referred to the fulfillment-service to determine if the order contains tickets and should thus display the “Download tickets” link. Now, since the app no longer requires that you set the fulfillment-serviceto Event Ticketing, this script should be updated to refer to the Product type instead. The updated script is available in the setup guide.

On a technical note, we’ve switched to using Shopify’s new GraphQL to create products. This means we’re cutting edge :)