Shopify app updates

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

Order editing support

Order editing, released by Shopify in early 2020, allows you to add and remove items from an order after it has been completed. Learn more about order editing here.

The app will now automatically issue and void tickets appropriately when you edit an order, as well as trigger the fulfillment process for you. Everything should simply work as you’d expect! The customer will use the same download link, and new tickets will appear on the download page.

This opens up a lot of exciting possibilities, such as doing ticket upgrades, swapping to a different date/event, etc.

Please note: Since existing tickets will be already fulfilled, they won’t be removable while editing. What you can do is cancel the fulfillment before editing, which will allow you to remove the previous ticket and add a different one. Not a big deal because nothing is actually being shipped!

Other improvements

  • Previously if you clicked “Mark as fulfilled” on a ticket order, the app would be unable to issue tickets or update tracking information (download link). Even though it is best to click “Request fulfillment”, as this gives the app a chance to report back successfully by completing the fulfillment, support has been added for “mark as fulfilled” as well. If you mark it fulfilled yourself, the app will update the fulfillment with the tracking information for you.
  • Inventory changes are now synced immediately to Shopify when you update an event. Because Event Ticketing manages inventory for you, Shopify only checks inventory levels every hour or so. It was tricky to ask Shopify to trigger a manual refresh, but I figured it out! Now, when you update an event, you will see the correct inventory immediately in the Shopify variant page in the Admin.

That’s all for now! Reach out if you have any questions about how the above stuff works.