New Tiered Pricing Plans

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

I am excited to announce additional pricing plans! The goal of these new plans is to provide clients a fair cost structure that scales with their volume. Check out the details on the App Store, and learn more about how Shopify is the perfect event ticketing alternative to Eventbrite!


Here’s a little excel formula I whipped up to help decide which plan is the best fit. This table calculates your effective per-ticket fee for a given monthly number of tickets sold. For example, if you sell 1,000 tickets per month, the Professional plan would be the cheapest, for an effective per-ticket fee of $0.60.


App improvements

  • New welcome page that helps you get started and suggest features to set up
  • The embedded app now loads quite a bit faster
  • Migrated to the new FulfillmentOrder method (tech speak for - we keep up with the latest Shopify developer resources!)
  • Migrated most billing and fulfillment queries to use Shopify’s GraphQL

What we’re working on

  • Fulfillment service agnostic so tickets can be fulfilled from any location (e.g. using Point of sale)
  • Exploring POS integration
  • Exploring adding an “Ongoing event” type, suitable for recurring time-slots, bookings, classes, tours, etc.
  • Online store themes and templates so we can display an event like a traditional ticketing purchase page