Performance and design updates

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

With things on the quieter side this winter, a lot of updates have been made around performance, scalability, and reliability in preparation for a big 2021.

Amazon EventBridge Integration

Shopify now sends all webhook payloads directly via Amazon EventBridge, and are processed by a Serverless lambda function, as opposed to HTTP webhooks previously. This means:

  • Faster processing of new order data
  • More reliable processing of new order data (fewer duplicate and/or missing webhooks)
  • Much more scalable and will be able to handle large rapid bursts of new orders without scaling up new servers (flash sales, etc)

Resources to learn more about Shopify + AWS Event Bridge:

Updated Shopify app interface

The Shopify Polaris library has been updated to the recently released version 6, which brings the overall app interface in line with the new Shopify admin design style.

Performance improvements

  • Creating and updating large multi-date events 10x improvement
  • Loading tickets on the confirmation page 25x improvement

Internal app updates

  • Rails 6.1
  • Ruby 3
  • Shopify API version 2021-01
  • Removed 2 major dependencies that haven’t seen updates in a while
  • Enhanced DataDog server monitoring and alerting

Coming up

Recurring events are next on the list!