New Check In App Interface!

Jeff Blake
Jeff Blake

These past ~6 weeks have been primarily minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

New Check In App Version 3.1

Major simplification of the user interface! Especial benefits for clients using time slots who need flexibility in being able to look up and scan for many time slots at once. Get the update in the iOS App Store! Mac app update coming soon.

See the app here:

Improvements and changes

  • Inventory sold through the POS when you “POS order processing” disabled will now be accounted for in Event Ticketing, so you don’t have to manage inventory yourself in an awkward way. Events using “Capacity” are also accounted for too!
  • Inventory changes now sync faster to Shopify when editing a large event with many variants
  • The limit of 15,000 inventory has now been removed, as ET now manages inventory internally in a simpler way.
  • There is now a backup mechanism when loading tickets on the Order status page. If Shopify hasn’t sent their web hook within 15 seconds, the app will auto-fetch and process the order, so the customer is not left waiting.
  • Updated Shopify Polaris to the latest version
  • Option to display tax amount on the ticket
  • Editing a multi-day event will hide past dates by default for ease of use
  • Option to disable customer editing of custom ticket fields

Not mentioned: dozens of minor bug fixes and performance improvements!