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Supported printers

Print name badges and tickets onsite.

Jeff Blake
Written by Jeff Blake Updated over a week ago

Brother printers

The Brother QL- line of label printers are supported. These are thermal printers, meaning no ink required.

You need a printer, and paper. It depends, but we recommend a maximum of 2-4 devices per printer when using WiFi. If using bluetooth, you need to have a printer for each device.

  • Connection mode supported: WiFi and Bluetooth

    • WiFi recommended - faster and multiple devices can print to the same printer
  • Supported model numbers
  • Supported paper rolls
    • DK-1234 - 2.3 x 3.4” individual adhesive label
    • DK-2205 - 2.4” adhesive backed label, continuous roll
    • DK-5224 - 2.1” continuous non-adhesive roll
      • Great for printing tickets, less so name badges

    The paper roll that comes with the printer is not supported! Check the model number, not just the size, on the roll!

Printer not listed?

Do you have another printer you’d like to use? Let us know. We are considering adding support for Zebra printers, once the demand is there.

Amazon usually has good prices on printers and rolls, expect to pay around $140 for a printer, and $15-20 per paper roll.

Sample name badge

Check out our page on name badge printing.

Sample ticket

Printing tickets is a feature, in beta. Contact us if you would like to use this feature. Here is a sample that we can produce. This is using DK-5224 paper.

sample ticket printing app