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Supported scanners

Use an external laser scanner to speed up ticket scanning.

Jeff Blake
Written by Jeff Blake Updated over a week ago

Honeywell Captuvo

We use, love, and prefer the Honeywell Captuvo scanners over any other barcode scanner. They attach to an iPod touch like a case, fully encasing and protecting the device. They are handheld, fast, reliable, and have an external battery.

Please note that the SL22 comes in three different models: MSR (magnetic reader) only, Barcode scanner only, and MSR + barcode scanner combo. Naturally, you do not want the MSR only reader. The MSR readers are significantly cheaper, so don’t get fooled if you are trying to purchase them!

Socket Mobile

Socket Mobile scanner is an external bluetooth scanner. This scanner is viable for conferences, trade shows, or similar, where the check in station is static and operated at a desk or kiosk. These scanners are not recommended for concerts, festivals, etc - use the Honeywell Captuvo scanners instead.

  • Model: S740
  • Estimated price: $340
  • Connection Method: Bluetooth
  • Compabile iOS devices: All (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • We not rent rent these at this time

Linea Pro

If Honeywell scanners are not available, the Linea Pro is the runner up. We do not rent these.

Any of the Linea pro models should work (Infinea X, Infinea Tab, 5, 6, 7, etc) fine, however we have only tested and used the Linea Pro 5 for iPod touch.

Make sure to get a model with a 2D barcode reader! The 1D model will not be capable of scanning QR codes or Apple wallet tickets.

Built in camera

Don’t forget, that laser barcode scanners are not explictly required to scan tickets. You can use the built-in camera on any iOS device to scan and validate tickets.

Events of 400 guests and under can usually use the camera scanner. For larger events we recommend renting laser scanners. You won’t regret it!


  • Reduced battery life
  • Slower scan speed
  • Less professional