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Renting ticket scanners

Check in attendees 10x faster with laser barcode scanners.

Jeff Blake
Written by Jeff Blake Updated over a week ago

While the camera on any iOS device is perfectly capable of scanning in tickets, we recommend using laser scanners for events larger than 500 or so guests.

Camera limitations

  • Decreased battery life - keeping the camera open will drain the battery 10x faster than the laser scanners
  • Scan speed - Expect it to take about a second to read a barcode, whereas a laser is instant.
  • Professionalism - Nothing shows that you are prepared more than our Honeywell laser scanners.

Pricing and requesting a quote

Please see pricing and request a quote for renting Honeywell ticket scanners here.

Receiving your rental

Steps to take to get your ticket scanners ready for your event.

Verify contents

Open the box and verify that you’ve received all your scanners.

Put scanners on power

Set up the charge docks (or power cords) and place all of the scanners on power.

Note: The power adapter for the iPad charge dock is larger than the handheld one.

Important: Verify that all scanners and iOS devices are charging. The Honeywell device will blink green to indicate charging (the blinker is on the top for the handheld unit, and on the bottom right face of the iPad unit). The charging contacts can be finicky. Ensure the scanners are properly seated on the charge dock and charging.

  • Solid green: Fully charged
  • Flashing green: Charging
  • Flashing red: Very low battery, not charging

Log in, and sync the scanners

We may have already pre-logged you in, but if not, you will need your Company Password and PIN #. This is different than your email login and password. To get the password and PIN #, go to your computer, log in to Guest Manager, and click “Apps” from the left hand menu. Your password and PIN # will be listed there.

Sync the scanners

After logging in, the syncing process will start. Wait for it to finish. If you were already logged in, open the Sync Menu by tapping the menu icon, then “Sync Status”.

Once the scanners are fully synced (100%), you may take the devices off of Wi-Fi to scan tickets. An active internet connection is preferred in order for scans to sync across all of the scanners. If you’re event is very large (i.e. the sync process took awhile), it is recommended to quit and re-open the app to free up memory and improve speed.

Try it out

Download one of your tickets from the computer (PDF), and try scanning a ticket. You can always undo the scan after.

**Open your event **From the list of events, select your event. Then tap the icon at the top right (crosshairs) to open the scanner window.

**Scan a ticket **Press and hold the trigger on the side of the scanner (iPod / handheld), or the back (iPad / Tablet). A laser light will emit. Point it at the barcode. An audible beep will register a successful scan. Look at the screen to see the scan result.

  • Green: A successful check in
  • Yellow: Ticket already scanned
  • Red: Ticket not found

Keep it simple

For properly configured scanners, your staff should not need to interact with the screen at all. Simply advise them to operate the physical trigger to scan tickets, and watch the screen for the result.

After your event

Congrats! We hope everything went smoothly. It’s time to make sure all the scanners have fully synced and uploaded all of the check-ins. To do this, open the main menu on the app, and go to Sync Status. Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi. Ensure that the status is 100% and all devices say “Needs Sync: 0”.

Open the report from your computer to verify that all the check ins have synced successfully.

Pack up and mail the scanners back

Using the included return label and existing packaging, pack the scanners back up and drop them in the mail to be returned back to us.

Thank you for using Guest Manager! If you have any feedback or comments about your experience, please email them to us at


The laser light is not turning on when I press the trigger

Quit the app by double-tapping the Home button, and swiping the Guest Manager App upwards. Re-open the app.

Nothing is happening when I scan a ticket

Make sure that you are scanning tickets from the correct menu. Open the scanner by selecting your event, and then tapping the ‘crosshairs’ icon at the top right. You should see a blue background, with toggle switches for “Out/In” and “Lookup/Validate”. Set the scanner to In mode, and Validate mode.

The scanner takes a long time to read a barcode

Try pointing the laser approximately 4” from the barcode, and slowly move the scanner away and back towards the barcode, in a 4-10” range. If you are scanning from a phone screen, ensure the brightness is turned all the way app and the barcode is fully visible (you can see white space around the entire barcode).

I only see the camera, why?

This means the laser scanner is not properly connected. If the laser scanner is not connected, the app will default to the camera-based scanner. Try quitting and re-opening the app, and/or removing the iOS device from the sleeve, and re-inserting it.


How fast can I get scanners?

Next day! We ship from Lake Tahoe, and can have the scanners at your door next day. Though, we generally ship Ground on the west coast, and 2-Day Air for the rest of the country.

What countries do you ship to?

USA only. Unfortunately due to taxies, and the unpredictable nature of customs import, we only offer our rentals to clients located in the United States.

How much does it cost to rent scanners for my event?

Please see our pricing page here: You can always ask one of our support team to confirm availability and pricing via the chat window at the bottom right.

How many scanners should I rent?

This will depend on how many staff you have to check guests in, the size of your event, and the time window in which guests arrive. For example, a 1,000 person event that has guests arrive steadily over a 4 hour period will not require as many scanners as a 1,000 person event with guests that all arrive within 30 minutes. We are happy to advise on how many scanners to rent.

Can you send me a quote for the rental?

Yes. Request a quote online here.

How do I pay for the rental?

Once you’ve received your invoice, there is a link in the PDF to pay directly online with a credit card. If you’d like to send a check payment, please arrange that with us directly.

Do shipping days count as a rental day?

No. However the vast majority of our clients opt for a 3 day rental in order to ensure they receive the scanners on time, have time to train staff, and allow for any shipping carrier delays. Also note, if your event falls on a weekend, you will need to do a 3 day rental.

How does shipping work?

We ship via FedEx Overnight. You will provide us your FedEx Account # to bill the shipping charges to. A return label is included in the box. Packages are shipped with insurance, mandatory.

What should I do about internet connection?

Scanners can be used fully offline, but we recommend to rent or purchase a 4G Hotspot (e.g. Verizon Jetpack) and have all of the scanners connect to that. It’s generally not advised to rely on venue Wi-Fi. While venue Wi-Fi may work now, once guests arrive and connect to it, the performance can greatly decrease.

How much does it cost to purchase these scanners?

While we don’t sell scanners directly, here are approximate retail costs of the units (note you will need an iOS device, plus the scanner attachment to make a functional scanner):

  • iPod Touch 7G: $200

  • Honeywell iPod Scanner: $550