The old way
  • Pre printing badges

    Hours spent preparing and printing badges.

  • Searching for badges at check-in

    Hours spent alphabetizing badges.

  • Hand writing walkup badges

    Unprofessional guest experience.

Our way (the right way)
  • Print on demand

    Auto print upon check-in, and manual re-prints.

  • Fix and re-print

    Edit name or details on the spot and re-print.

  • Add and print walkup badges

    Guest not registered? No problem.


Customize your name badge

  • Auto print upon check-in

  • Manual reprint

  • Wirelessly print via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Customize attendee name badges and print on demand

Check in and print

Whether you're importing guests via a spreadsheet, or using our online registration, RSVP, or invitation system, all of your guests can use the same great features like badge printing.

Event check in app name badge printing

Cost effective name badging

All you need is an iOS device and a Brother QL-820NWB printer. No ink needed. For paper, we support either DK-1234 or DK-2205 paper rolls. These printers are also available for rent, please contact us for details.

Cost effective name badge printing Brother QL-820NWB

Save hours before the event

Eliminate prep time from pre-printing and alphabetizing name badges.

Faster check-ins

Finding a badge amongst a pile can be a needle in the haystack. Check guests in faster by printing name badges on demand.

Add and print walkups in seconds

Register new guests onsite and print out a name badge. Or correct the details on an existing badge.

More great features

We've got you covered with more great name badge printing features.

Auto print badges

When scanning a ticket or checking in a guest by name, configure name badges to be printed automatically.

Re-print anytime

Simply look up a guest and re-print a badge anytime.

Custom fields

Pull in any custom fields onto a printed name badge.


WiFi printing allows you to stay mobile and be flexible on how you implement name badge pickups. For example, you could roam a room rather than have guests line up.

Multiple devices per printer

Many scanners or iOS devices can share the same printer.

Adhesive badges

Print your name badges to adhesive backed paper. Or you can leave the backing on, and put the name badge into a lanyard.