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3,000 attend Calgary's premiere day at the races

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Packwood Grand
Calgary, Alberta
Online public festival ticketing and private VIP client management.

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Online ticketing, registration, bookings, private invites, and RSVPs.


The Packwood Grand enters its 3rd year and is set to be a true celebration of old world leisure and sophistication. Last year, this refined and colourful event set the stage for the ultimate in luxury standard-bred horse racing, fashion, and food & drink. As the must-attend social & lifestyle event of 2016, an expected 3000 of Calgary’s highly cultured, business-leading, and fashion forward young professionals will take in the affair.

The Packwood Grand uses Guest Manager online ticketing software to manage tickets and VIP tables for its 1,000 guests.


The Packwood Grand is an exclusive event - tickets sell out very quickly. Often though, certain crowds like media, sponsors, VIPs, friends, and family are not always quick to the ball. The client needed precise tracking of ticket sales, the ability to set aside tickets for later payment, and concierge service for selling VIP tables.


Our online ticketing software that is reliable, secure, fast, easy to use, and can handle a very demanding on-sale. And also the following great features:

VIP tables

The client needed to be able to sell a package for $2,500 that included 8 tickets. Rather than add the tickets manually, the client utilized our bundling feature to sell a single package which reserves 8 tickets automatically.

Exclusive presale

The client had tight control over selling tickets before the public on-sale. A combination of quantity caps, custom links and passwords did the trick.

Precise inventory control

Tickets to Packwood Grand are extremely coveted. Even when tickets are “sold out”, the organizers still need a way to release small batches of tickets to VIPs without affecting general inventory. Tickets could also be reserved - set aside - and paid for at a later time.

Sell tickets online

Branded event pages, simple, easy, and quick checkout, custom links, and promoter co-branding are all things that add up to a great ticket buying experience.

Backend order management

Create and fulfill ticket orders in the backend without using the public event pages. Pull from specific inventory, do split payments, send a link to the guest for payment, reserve tickets, and more.

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