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April 15, 2020
Web App

Productivity Enhancements

We’ve introduced new tools to save you time and increase productivity.

Saved searches

From any list view, such as events, attendees, orders, you can save your search and filters so when you return next time, the list will already be customized for you. Learn more about saved searches

Improvements to exporting

Previously, the columns in an exported file didn’t always match what you saw on-screen. Now, when you click export, you will get an export with exactly what you see on-screen, including visible columns, and order. You can also export all columns with just a click.

Learn more about exporting data.

January 27, 2020
Web App

Default ticket types

Traditionally, importing or adding new tickets/attendees has always required specifying a ticket type, such as GA, VIP, Guest, or whatever. Many clients do not need to differeniate guests by a ticket type, so to make things a little easier we now set up a default ticket type.

  • Accounts now have a default ticket type called “Guest” to use for attendees. This can be changed in Settings > Company > Contacts. Additionally, the default ticket type can be changed per event in Design and Setup > Advanced > Default ticket type.
  • Minor bug fixes

June 9, 2018
Web App

Introducing barcode pools

Barcode pool management is a powerful tool for advanced users to retain full control over how barcode numbers are issued to tickets within the system.

With barcode pools, you upload a list of valid numbers to a ticket type, and whenever a ticket is created within the system (whether it be an import, API call, added via the UI, or onsite with our check in app) a number is removed from the pool and assigned to the ticket, making that barcode number a valid scannable ticket.

Barcode numbers in the pool are not valid, scannable tickets, until they are assigned to a ticket.

Example use cases

  • You have an external scanning system such as a turnstile that requires valid numbers be uploaded to it in advance
  • To reduce API integration complexity if you require certain barcode numbers to be used for your tickets
  • You are allocated specific ticket numbers to use for your tickets, and want to make assigning those numbers to tickets done automatically

Alternatively, you can always import tickets with specific barcode numbers pre-assigned by using the “Barcode” column in your ticket import.

January 1, 2012
Web App

2012 to 2018

Many wonderful things happened, but alas, they were not documented.