Promotion Rules

Powerful rules

Rule based promotions give you the flexibility to create any kind of discount you can think of.

Promotion Actions

Adjustable discounts

When the rules are satisfied, actions are applied to the order. Could be as simple as a flat dollar or percentage off, or as intricate as bundling related items for X% off.

Robust promotion and discounts engine

Mix and match any rules and actions to create the ultimate promotion.


How promotions are triggered.

Promo codes

Create unique promo codes. Set per code limits, per guest limits, and more.


Members subscribed to a particular plan can receive discounts on specific tickets. Or, you have to be a Member to purchase a kind of ticket - and easily sell the membership in one step,

Social incentives

Offer discounts or incentives for sharing to Facebook - and track the results back to an individual level or birds eye view.

Hidden links

This discount will be transparently applied when a guest has the secret link. Useful instead of using a discount code.

Has product in order

The guest must have particular products and quantities of that product in their cart in order for the promotion to trigger.

Has event or event series

Applies when a guest is placing an order for a particular event, or recurring event.


Determine the appropriate type of discount to apply.

Order discount

Discounts the entire order for a fixed dollar or percentage amount.

Line item discount

Dsicounts only specific products in order order.

Add product

A promotion can also be triggered to add products to the cart. Use with Line item discounts for some creative promotions.

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