Add tickets for sale

Selling tickets is easy

Quickly set up new tiers using shared ticket type settings for easy reusability. Tickets can be either free, or paid.

sell event registrations and tickets online

Never lose a sale again

With a clean, fast, and easy to use event page and checkout process, rest assured that you won't lose a sale ever again.

sell tickets online with branded event pages
Wait lists

Collect leads when tickets 'sell out'

Allow guests to request tickets, so in the event you add more, or a refund was processed - the guest is automatically emailed a link to complete their purchase.

sell tickets online with wait lists
Generate demand

Gauge interest with reservable tickets

Doing a presale? Want to gauge interest? Allow tickets to be reserved - and have the system send out links for payment automatically when they become available for purchase.

ticket presale with reservable tickets
Questions, Surveys & Forms

Collect additional information

Link a form to the checkout process, collecting custom fields, multiple choice, photos, and more.

Custom text fields, multiple choice, event registration attendee info
Custom links

Advertise different prices or availability with custom links

Create an unlimited number of links, each of which can have its own brand, quantities, ticket availability, onsale times, and more.

ticket type settings

Guest experience

sample event page

Event page

Optional landing page, to show an image, poster, and content. Or, link directly to the order page.

sample order page

Order page

List your tickets for sale, and begin checkout.

sample checkout process

Cart and checkout

Quick and easy checkout process - name, email, billing, and payment info. Additional support for customizing steps.

sample checkout process complete

Email confirmation

Deliver an email receipt to the buyer, with tickets attached as PDF and/or Apple Wallet.

All of our registration and checkout pages are heavily optimized for mobile phone browsers. Everything scales down to fit the phone neatly. And our forms are simple, fast, and easy to use - a necessity when your customers are on the go and need to make it happen quickly.

sample mobile order page

Order page

Select tickets for purchase on a mobile phone.

sample mobile cart


Edit your cart, or continue straight to checkout.

sample mobile checkout process


Complete the checkout process on a responsive, mobile optimized page.

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Ticketing and registration is built on top of our ecommerce engine. Read more about the ecommerce engine for more features in managing ticket sales.

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More Ticketing features

Inventory queueing

When a guest proceeds to checkout, tickets are held for 15 minutes, allowing the guest to complete their purchase. Should they cancel the order, tickets are released back into the pool.

Background payment processing

Payment gateways can be slow, so it is very important that payments are processed in the background, ensuring that your sales continue to run in the event of a large traffic spike, like an onsale.

Browser compatibility

Registration systems need to be compatible with all of the browsers - especially old versions of Internet Explorer. Thanks to our clean layout, we've made that much easier and are proud to advertise 100% browser compatibility across all operating systems.


All of our pages are 256-bit SSL encrypted and PCI Compliant. Credit Card data never even passes through our servers - they are sent directly from the customers browser to the banking portal. This ensures that even if our database is compromised - no billing information can be leaked.


Registering many thousands of guests becomes orders of magnitude harder as many ticketing systems crumple as soon as you break the hundreds. We have a proven track record delivering full service event management to events of over ten thousand attendees - both at time of purchase and at the gate. Our site serves the most minimum possible amount of content to ensure blazing fast load times. All of our content is distributed across many datacenters all over the world to ensure lowest possible latency.

Realtime sync

New ticket orders, ticket transfers, guestlist additions... its all synced instantly and reliably to your checkin devices at the door. Never turn off sales ever again.

On the go

Login in from any web browser on your computer or phone, and have full access to your data from anywhere. Use our iOS scanning app to setup box office and gate scanning in seconds.

For your whole team

Administer accounts, grant access to your team. Run reports, process orders, and more.

Sales reports

Quickly export sales reports by payment method, date, event, and more. Reports include full breakdowns for quantity sold, returned, exchanged, ticket revenue, service fee revenue, credit card fees, application fees, discounts, adjustments, taxes, gross and net profit.

Backend sales

Sell tickets directly through the backend. Sell tickets, manage orders, exchanges, refunds, and more through the web backend and iOS App.

Data exports

Export any current view. including search queries, directly to CSV. Orders, tickets, refunds, line items, adjustments, returns, guestlists, and more.

Ticket transfers

Guests may conveniently log in and transfer tickets to their friends in a few easy clicks. Or turn this system off.

Advanced inventory control

Inventory settings include enabled, reservable, requestable, onsale date, end sale date, add/remove/set inventory, min/max per order, and custom labels for out of stock, not on sale, and more.

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