Compile your guest list from many sources

We support many ways to compile all of your guestlist sources into a single, realtime list.


Add guests from a computer or with the check in app

For single additions, use the backend or on site event check in app to add guests easily.

Add guests from the computer

Copy and paste names

You receive an email last minute from a coworker asking you to add a long list of names to the list. No problem, paste it into GM, and we'll take care of alphabetizing and sending it all to the check in app in realtime.

Copy and paste guests to the guest list
Add by SMS

Add guests on the go by text message or email

Following the same format as copy and paste, simply text us the names. We'll automatically track the added names back to the phone number who sent them in.

add guests to the guestlist by sms text message or email
Quick add

Need to track emails?

Quickly add names and emails to the guestlist.

add guest names and emails to the guest list

Track your team

Any guest added to the list can be associated to the team member that added them. Get a post-event report of exactly how many guests were brought in by each of your staff.

track team and promoter guest credit performance

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Alleviate last minute stress with realtime guestlist software

Resource assignments

Use our flexible assignments engine to assign guests to things such as tables, busses, lockers, and more.

Arrival alerts

Flag particular guests, or groups of guests, and receive an alert when they are checked in.

Check in notes

Add a non-editable note to aid the doof staff in checking in the guest. Also allow the door staff to record additional notes.

Tallies and walkups

In conjunction with the check in templates, you may create a list of staff or lists, and tally heads coming through the door quickly and easily.

List segmentation

Classify guests to a particular list, and search/sort/filter based on those within the check in app.

Custom fields

Any non-recognized column imported into the system is treated as a custom field. Use this for things like Title, Company, or other information crucial to the check in experience.

Realtime reporting

All devices stay in sync and let you view a total checkin count, broken down by type, list, and more. Go online for the full report.

Emailed to you

When your event is over you will receive an email with a link to view the complete report online.

Walkup and tallies report

Export additional checkins recorded using our check in templates.

Guest status report

Useful when guests have more than one ticket or guestlist. Retrieve a summary, by guest, indicating how many of their tickets were checked in.

Check in report

Export a complete list of check ins, including time checked in, name, email, from which device or employee, and more.

Notes export

Download a CSV of all notes collected on site.

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