Why Guest Manager

Choose only the features you need

Just importing and scanning tickets? No problem. You don't have to use the rest of the platform.

Speed and scalability

A proven track record delivering online ticketing for arenas, festivals, and conferences of 15,000+ guests.

Complete brand control

As a client, you have full control over how any guest-facing page or email looks. We do not stamp our brand anywhere.


The essentials.


Track your guests across multiple events with our customer database.

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Flexible and robust data importing allows you to combine all of your attendee data into a single platform.

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Your data, in sync, everywhere.

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Integrate the booking and scanning engine into your own website.

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Software that can keep up with you and your workflows.


Setup one off or recurring events easily.

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Administer your imported tickets, sold tickets, invited tickets, and more, all in one place.

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Manage your special and last minute guests.

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Create, modify, search, and process orders and ticket bookings in the backend.

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Empower your admins, staff, promoters, and on site check in staff with tools to succeed.

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Create beautiful, branded pages and designs that you will be proud to show your guests.

Event Pages

Create beautiful event pages.

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Design Tickets

Create your own PDF and Apple Wallet ticket designs.

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Website CMS

A place that lives forever, across many events. Super clean, fast, and optimized for all devices.

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Learn about how you can automate sending tickets, and process payments directly to your bank account.


Robust selling tools enable you to sell anything, anytime, anywhere.

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Invites & RSVPs

Send personalized email invites with one click RSVPs. Manage invite lists, create invite only event links, and more.

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Process credit cards online and collect sales directly to your bank account using your own merchant account.

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Create beautiful event pages, and sell tickets online using Stripe, PayPal, or your own payment gateway.

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On Site

Check in guests and scan tickets with our iOS App.

Scan Tickets

Bust queues with our affordable, fast, and offline capable scanners.

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Check In

Flexible and realtime on-site guest checkins.

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iOS App

Learn more about our iOS App for checking in guests, scanning tickets, and more.

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Communicate with your guests by email, run discounts, and more with our marketing products.


Create and send emails to your guests.

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Offer promo code discounts, hidden link promotions, and more, with our flexible rules and actions engine.

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Discover who your influencers are. Or don't, these features are optional.

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