AMS Block Party

Block Party at University of British Columbia - Case Study

Read about how AMS Events, from the University of British Columbia, were able to integrate the UBC Student Card to be used as the ticket for entry.


This being our 3rd year providing full service ticketing to the AMS Events for Block Party, 99% of the needs are very dialed in, so we continue to improve speed, performance, and polish odds and ends to make the process for students that much easier.



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Student card ticket integration

Since this is an event put on for the students, and tickets are highly sought after from people all across Vancouver (due to the subsidized ticket price, and great acts), it’s extremely important to make sure that the attendees are actual students of the University. What better way - than to not only verify student numbers, but also use the student card as the ticket?

Guest Manager student card integration

Sample ticket purchase confirmation email

A lot of customization is available as to how the order confirmation email looks, as well as what it says.

Guest Manager student card ticketing
Guest Manager student card ticketing
Guest Manager student card ticketing
Guest Manager student card ticketing
AMS Block Party logo

The AMS Block Party is an event by UBC students, for UBC students and the campus community. It is intended as a safe and festive event that will bring students and friends together in a celebration of a year completed, and a summer soon to start. Thousands of students attend every year. Please check out the following videos produced by the client showcasing their event.

2015 Video
2014 Video

  • 8000 Students
  • 10 Scanners
  • Online Ticketing
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