U.S. Conference of Mayors

Update (06/17) e2k continues to use Guest Manager for other client projects, including Levi's Stadium Family Day and National Geographic Explorers Festival.
83rd Annual U.S. Conference of Mayors - Case Study


During the weekend of the conference, the client needed a way to organize the mayors and their families to attend various activities around the San Francisco area. The challenge arose from limited space - they were transporting their guests in busses, and each bus only had 50 seats. Mayors would be allowed to choose up to 3 activities and times. Coordinating all those RSVPs, times, re-schedules, and cancellations via email would simply not be possible.


The solution consisted of the following key features: Responsive website, activity booking & RSVP via website, booking confirmation emails, booking reminder emails, and onsite checkin.

We were also able to deliver a system where the guest could self modify or cancel their RSVP via a link in the confirmation email. This cut down on dozens of man-hours - and since many of these come in last minute, it freed up very important hours for the client.

Responsive website

The client needed a web portal to display the list of weekend activities and allow their guests to RSVP for one or many at the same time. After some great collaboration with the client, we came up with a beautiful website. 15 activities were laid out in a grid, and fully mobile responsive.

US Conference of Mayors event registration custom website

Clean email reminders

It’s important to keep messaging clean, clear, and to the point. The branding and sender address of the email plays a big part in that. This client was able to set the sender as their own email address, and match the look to their website.

event reminder email for US conference of mayors

Onsite check in app

Rather than print out a bunch of spreadsheets (which is also possible), the client used our iOS app. The client could easily switch between activities, look up names in realtime, and do checkins. If the guest brought their barcode confirmation, that could be scanned as well for faster processing.

event check in guestlist app
event check in guestlist app on ipad
event check in guestlist app on iphone
U.S. Conference of Mayors logo

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  • 16 Activities
  • 480 Guests
  • 5000 Emails
  • Online RSVP
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