Pricing for private label resellers

Your own ticketing platform, with no Guest Manager branding anywhere, so you can focus on building relationships with your clients.

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Full event platform

Online ticket sales

Web based software white labeled under your own domain and brand

When your clients sell paid tickets, we charge a simple one time deposit, and per ticket service charge. Once you sell enough tickets to recoup the deposit, the platform is effectively free to you.


Fully recouped when you sell your first 5,000 tickets.

Ticket service fee

per ticket sold

Charged to the ticket buyer, at no cost to you.

Compare at: Eventbrite $1.99 + 2.5%

* Plus applicable credit card fees, determined by your payment processor.
We recommend - 2.9% + 0.30 per transaction.

Not selling tickets online?

If you are a company that already has an online ticket sales platform, but are lacking in a robust ticket scanning system, take a look at our validation engine, which enables you to bolt on ticket scanning functionality to your existing e-commerce platform. Building a reliable ticket scanning and validation system is hard. Delegate that work to us, focusing your efforts on ecommerce sales and client relationships.

Full event platform

Ticket validation engine

Integrate with our API to send ticket data and sales in realtime to the ticket scanning app. Get your own white labeled version of the scanning app, deployed to the App Store for you, with your own custom icon and branding scheme.

iOS App

Plus $399 annually for maintenance and updates.

Annual plan
Starting at

Please refer to our enterprise plans for pricing.

Private label platform features

You get access to all the same great features that we use. Guest Manager itself is configured as a private label customer, much the same as you would be.

Enterprise dashboard

Manage all your client accounts, login as them, configure service fees, accounting integration, payment methods, and more.

API integration

Create client accounts, send ticket data, build a custom checkout experience, and more.

Your own domain name

We set up and launch our software on your own URL address. Your clients will get websites such as

Complete brand control

Everything becomes yours. All logos or mentions of Guest Manager become your company. We also help you design your Apple Passbook template, ticket PDFs, and powered by footers.

I have more questions.

The best way to get a hold of us is through our live chat at the bottom right of the screen. Or, send us an email to

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