Lululemon Get Quiet, Live Loud

Lululemon Get Quiet, Live Loud - Case Study

Equipped with a few iPads, the staff checkin about 1,000 guests from an uploaded excel file of about 1,500 names.


A common one: checking people in. Everyone’s been there and done that with excel documents and paper. You probably get by. But you always wonder… how could this be better? Well, if only you could digitize the list, make it mobile, and have realtime searching, syncing, and checkins across devices… well thats the dream.


And thats what Guest Manager does. With our flexible importer, you can stick to our common used fields - like Name, Email, Company - or feel free to add your own custom fields.

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The Social Concierge choose Guest Manager to ensure that guests are processed quickly through the door, for their client Lululemon.
The Social Concierge


  • 1500 Uploaded Guests
  • 1000 Checkins
  • 4 iPads
  • Event Check In
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